Chocolate Labradors


Bosco the bold...  is what we call this very self confident alpha male.  From the moment he joined our family, there was no doubt that there was a new sheriff in our yard.  He is a happy and playful guy bringing much peace and tranquility- as long as its known that he is in charge!  Weight 85 lbs. Stud Service available for $1,500 to approved females. 

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Jireh...was born 10/14/23 and is the 2nd spectacular puppy that has come to us from White Pines Labradors.  His name is inspired from the song "Jireh, you are enough" and his name literally means "God Provides".  We love all that this perfect boy is and brings to our family.  He is an up and coming stud and we are excited to watch him grow.

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Mercy is the smallest of our chocolate females and a compact dynamo at that! She is full of personality and loves to play hard and be the leader. Weight 75 lbs

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Majesty is absolute perfection in our eyes! Her thick bone facial features and stocky body build give her the confident look of a champion. Weight 85

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Destiny is Majesty's sister and the more playful of the two. She has a beautiful profile and a definite attention getter with her eager to please personality. Weight 82 lbs

Destiny b


Moriah was born 4/13/24 and is our 3rd phenomenal puppy to come  from White Pines Labradors. Her name is inspired from the biblical place called Mount Moriah (which was a place that was a type and shadow of a great sacrifice). Moriah is a gift to us and a great reminder that "Love is sacrifce!"

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